Dr. Priya Dahiya

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I want to thank Dr. Priya Dhaiya and the whole staff at your Fertility center for the best care and positive support they gave during the numerous rounds of IVF. Thankfully we are now having a two month old beautiful baby girl! This would not have been achievable without your help.
By : Shradha Mittal
I can't thank you enough for your gentleness and support during our treatment. Me and my husband want to thank you for your help you provide in our case, and the way that you made our dream come true and to have a complete family.
By : Neerja Jain
Thank you all of you for all that you have done for us. You have given us two healthy babies. Words can't express our much feelings of being parent of twin babies. Thank you so much.
By : Maya Bansal
We don't have words to express our feelings. We attempted various medicines and specialists in five years but got no success. But after meeting you a ray of hope came to us, and now we are blessed with a baby boy. The world is very beautiful after having a complete family.
By : Lavnya Aggarwal
“I love my Doctors at Seedlings IVF , a place where I felt like home at every visit. I got so used to visiting you people that now after delivery , I am missing you like anything.After years of despair and frustration, finally I got my bundle of Joy, My baby boy . I remember you whenever I look at my baby . You might be handling thousands of patients like me, but for me there is only one Dr Priya. Take Care Maam, You are Sir will always be in my prayers.
By : Name Hidden On Request.( New Delhi)
I saw my ray of hope in Dr Priya when I met her in gloomy winters of 2016. I had lost all hopes as mine was an almost gone case ( according to doctors). One of our neighbours told me about Dr Dahiya .My lining of uterus was totally damaged and I was no more getting menses since last 5 years even at 32 yrs of age. She went through all my reports and thoroughly explained me all pros and cons of treatment, which we found quite genuine. After two surgeries for uterine repair and latest technology of stem cell, I became a proud mothe of baby girl last week. I love My Doctor
By : Geeta And Ashok , Ashok Vihar, New Delhi
Ours case was rather unusual, we are quite an old couple in our sixties and unfortunately lost our beloved son at age of 35 yrs .While I am proud of my daughter, the thought of her loneliness once we are not around, provoked me to go to Dr Priya ( suggested by our family friend ). On my first visit, she sat with me for two hours, patiently asked me numerous question,” What if treatment fails?, What about my health and fitness ? Who will take care of baby if anything happens to us considering our age? . What if a deliver another daughter?. She asked me to think again about all consequences before taking any decision and once we are settled with our emotional trauma. She started my treatment only after I promised that my daughter will adopt and take care of the child and I found her concern very genuine for the child. On my insistence, she started my treatment explaining all risks , which we were ready to take, Now I am a proud mother of a Naughty 3 yr old Jaikesh, who has filled the vacuum in our lives. He resembles my departed son in every aspect whether looks or behavior. Thank You doctor for giving me your personalised care.You are our second daughter now.
By : Murti And Ss Singh, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi
My only son was lost in Violence of Jat Arakhsan in feb 2016. I approached Dr Priya at Maharaja Agrasen after my first IVF cycle failed at Sonepat . The way she counselled me and took a promise of not crying any further and taking care of the child, irrespective of gender was heart warming. 9 months down the lane , I delivered a healthy daughter. I still remember the lines when I rang her up with little disappointment in my voice,” See the image of your lost son in this baby and you will never feel sad and remember you have promised me you will not cry again”. Since that day, I never felt sad or lonely, My naughty munchkin Parul is 1 1/2 yr old now and is the apple of everyone’s eye in our family. I want to make her a doctor like Dr Priya .
By : Sunita And Ram Prakash ( Sonepat)
I had lost all hope in my life after 11 failed IVF cycles, at all premier places across India like Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jalandhar as my husband is in Army. I was in depression and did not want to go for another cycle as we were emotionally and financially drained. I took this last chance on her insistence and look my miracle baby is 3 yrs old now.
By : Satwanti Ramesh, New Delhi.
After 6 failed IVf cycle at Jaipur, I was totally broken, WE came to Agrasen Hospital through a family friend and got success in very first attempt here, My daughter is 4 years old and now I am pregnant with my second child again with IVF by Dr Priya Dahiya. Thank You Doctor.
By : Rangbai And Naresh, Jaipur
We had 12 failed cycles, six on self and six on surrogate. We do not know how we made ourselves stand up for !3 th cycle through a surrogate but the trust in our doctors eyes made it easy for us. It worked in the first attempt with her and our lovely Trisha is 3 years old now. Love you doctor.
By : Savita Nad Anurag Singh , New Delhi
I had lost hope from all the places as my ovaries had stopped functioning at a young age, but I conceived at seedlings IVF in my second attempt. Dr Priya gave such personal care and attention to me . I will be forever thankful to her for this gift
By : Mamta And Rajesh, Bahadurgarh.