Dr. Priya Dahiya

* One of the premier hospital recognised by Joint Commission International,in India for maintaining the quality and standards

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Partnership Model

Details of Partnership we intend to offer:

We work under different models under revenue sharing starting from setting up of complex equipment to overall management & operations of the entire departments (Clinical –Non Clinical Manpower alongside any equipment set-up for the facility).


The Key Benefits of Partnership with Seedling IVF are:

  • Capital savings made can be deployed in the expansion of other services or new facilities development
  • Tie up with a partner whose core expertise lies in managing such complex clinical services and equipment needs for that department
  • Focus on efficient manpower planning and bringing latest/innovative technological platforms to match hospital clinical & equipment needs
  • Improved turnaround equipment uptime alongside tightly managed maintenance arrangements
  • Transfer of key risks away from the hospital
  • Financial savings with this services/departments moving off the balance sheet of the hospital
  • Potential International research and academic links ups with top notch institutes like European Institute of Oncology and other institutes across Europe and America