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IVF Treatment

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) And Embryo Transfer (ET)

Couples who are not able to conceive children due to infertility can finally find hope from the miraculous IVF treatment in West Delhi. They needn’t be discouraged or face social stigma of not having a child of their own. IVF involves a procedure wherein the eggs are fertilized with the partner’s sperm manually in the laboratory. Dr Priya Dahiya is one of the best IVF doctor in Punjabi Bagh, Paschim Vihar and has some of the most advanced treatment procedures for its clients.

Now you might be anxious about how the procedure will be and whether you will get a positive response from it. So the first and foremost thing would be to get the service of the best IVF treatment in Delhi so half of your worries would be sorted out. Dr Priya Dahiya at Seedlings IVF has truly helped out numerous childless couples who were not able to conceive. Her center has had numerous success stories and even in the case of couples who have faced disappointment elsewhere. Apart from this, the clinic has some most advanced reproductive technologies and some of the best amenities. Here the doctors and the staff work together to make it the one of best IVF treatment Hospital in West Delhi/NCR.

Who should opt for IVF treatment?

  • Low sperm count.
  • Unexplained infertility problems.
  • Damaged or blocked fallopian tube.
  • Women above the age of 40.
  • Endometriosis: A cases in which there is a poor tube-ovarian relationship which leads to poor egg quality.
  • Penetration of the sperm is not possible.
  • Ovulation disorders or uterine fibroids.


The first step for IVF treatment in Delhi is to get a general checkup of both the partners. This is to find out the reason for infertility and if steps can be taken to attain pregnancy by medication or surgery. It would involve blood tests and ultrasounds which also done to determine hormone levels and ovulation period.

Now once this is complete and consent for the IVF treatment is received form the couples the treatment process begins. The woman will be given fertility drugs which will create multiple egg formation. Now, these eggs are carefully removed by minor surgery which is done under anaesthesia.

Once the eggs are retrieved they are fertilized with the partner’s sperm in the laboratory. They are then later moved to the incubator for getting matured.

Once the embryos have reached the desired maturity they are placed in the mother’s womb using a catheter tube and the process is complete.