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ICSI Treatment

All About ICSI Treatment And Its Procedure

ICSI is a simple treatment of injecting a sperm into the egg for the process of fertilization. This procedure is done mostly along with IVF treatment as it improves the success rate. The ICSI Treatment in Delhi done along with IVF has shown about 70%-85% success as compared to IVF done without ICSI. The main factor being that the eggs collected are of good quality as in other cases like unexplained infertility which might lower the effectiveness of the treatment.

You can be assured of getting the Best ICSI Treatment in Delhi with the finest medical know-how and most advanced technology. You have patients from India as well abroad coming just for the treatment as they know they are being provided treatment that is at par with world standards.

Who needs ICSI treatment?

  • ICSI is recommended when the sperm mobility is found be sluggish or of the low count.
  • Male infertility and do not require male fertility insemination.
  • The testicles have undergone a surgery which prevents the ejaculation. In such cases, the sperm count may be low.
  • Previous IVF has not been successful then the doctor may recommend this procedure.
  • Ejaculation problem may arise from a spinal injury or diabetic’s problem.


The ICSI treatment in Delhi is done by an embryologist with specialized tools and equipment. The first step would be to collect the eggs as in any IVF treatment. Here the lady would be given hormone injections that would create multiple egg formation. These eggs are retrieved by a minor surgery and would be made ready for fertilization.

Next, the sperm of the partner would be collected and would be checked for its mobility. If the sperm count is low then the doctors would have to take the sperm out directly and it would be done under anaesthesia.

Once this is made ready the embryologist uses a hollow needle to pick up a single sperm and it is injected onto the outer shell of the egg.

Next, the eggs are checked for fertilization and are later moved into the womb of the mother once it has attained the maturity.

Cost of ICSI treatment

The ICSI treatment is costly but compared to abroad countries you will find it low in India. It may cost you about 1.2 lakhs which includes the cost of your scans, medical test and all other procedures involved. ICSI treatment gives an assurance of the better success of IVF treatment and the couples can be assured of the healthy embryo.